Refund / Ticket Exchanges?

  • No refunds will be provided. Up to 24hrs before the brunch you may transfer / gift your ticket to another Black Girl.


Is there a vegan option?

  • Yes


Is there a vegetarian option?


  • Yes


What is the date of the next brunch?


  • The last Sunday of the month


BGBPHX tickets are sold out! How can I get a ticket?


  • Once tickets are sold out, there will be no additional seats available. Please do not show up to the brunch venue if you have not been issued a ticket. We do not sell tickets at the door and will not be able to accommodate day of ticket requests.

  • You may however sign up for the “Hot Seat” waitlist. If someone chooses to cancel their ticket at least 24hrs before the brunch they may gift/transfer their ticket to another Black girl. If you are on the waitlist, you will be notified when this happens. Be the first person to respond to secure a hot seat ticket.


How can I be featured at BGBPHX?


  • The BGBPHX team hand selects each non-profit and entrepreneur features for every brunch. Be sure to follow us at @blackgirlsbrunchphx, brunch with us, enjoy the amazing experience, keep being great and direct all inquiries to our website.


Can I be a vendor at BGBPHX?


  • BGBPHX does not offer vendor opportunities. We hand pick a black business woman owner and non profit personnel every month to highlight their business / social cause and to provide our sister-friends the opportunity to donate to a great cause and exclusively support our Lady Mystic of the Month during our brunch.


How can I send BGBPHX an idea or suggestion for the next brunch?


  • Our team is excited for the overwhelming response of ideas and suggestions. We are a small team so we ask that you forward all ideas or suggestions to our comment box on our contact page. If you attempt to make a suggestion during the brunch or to any of our team members individually, you will be directed to the comment box!  We thank you for your support and understanding our need to streamline this process.